Kyra Kondis
let's tell some stories.


b. 1986, HK.


Hello, my name is

Kyra. 23. I do things with words, and I love it.

Originally from the D.C. area, I spent four years in Dallas, Texas, where I graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in English in May 2018. Here's a fun(ish) fact: I swam for SMU's NCAA Division I swimming and diving team for almost all four years, until a career-ending injury lived up to its name and I was forced to retire. Luckily, my passion for writing softened the blow of having to leave behind my love for swimming, and the days beyond my athletic career were happily filled with the pursuit of all things to do with words.

At the moment, I'm in my second year of the MFA in Creative Writing at George Mason University, back on my home turf. From there, my page is blank. I seek to write, but I am also a young, (over)enthusiastic professional whose services and experiences include branding & marketing, copywriting, social media management, editing, and teaching.

As a writer and teacher of rhetoric, I’ve learned that telling a story for a brand isn't a far cry from telling a story in creative writing; in both fields, you want to foster a certain effect within your audience, and the right words can make that happen.

Got inquiries? Email me. Let's tell some stories.